Seminar: Collaborating with Time

In conjunction with the October  2021 exhibition at The Arts Center in Corvallis entitled What Will Nature Do? I spoke about collaborating with time in my creative process. Hydrologist Steve Wondzell joined me to provide his perspective of my art from a scientist’s point of view. Steve was great! I learned a lot about my own work I hadn’t known was there. That is always fun. You’d think the artist would know all about their work, but no, some of it is a mystery to me too. You can check out our conversation below.

Collaborating with Time, with guest Steve Wondzell, April 20, 2021

Steve Wonzell

Steve Wondzell is a Research Ecologist in the US Forest Service’s PNW Research Station. He has a BS in Range Science and an MS in Plant Community Ecology from New Mexico State University. He continues monitoring the study plots used for his MS Thesis, and now has a 60+ year record of plant community dynamics in the semi-desert grasslands of Big Bend National Park, Texas. He worked for 4 years on the Jornada LTER before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1988 working at the H. J. Andrews LTER. His love for deserts and sunshine somehow got side-tracked, and he ended up studying stream-groundwater interactions in old-growth forest streams for his Ph.D.  He has studied how hydrology and channel morphology control small-scale stream-groundwater interactions and the ways that these interactions influence stream ecosystem processes, especially stream thermal regimes and the cycling of carbon and nitrogen. He also studies the effects of forest harvest and riparian buffer designs on stream temperature, the influence of climate change and channel restoration on stream thermal regimes, and the influence of browsing by deer and elk on restoration of riparian hardwoods in the intermountain west.

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