Sky/Water I Underpaintings

Sky/Water I Underpaintings

I have begun painting the 3 companion panels to the sky paintings. Water is much more irregular than sky, at least this is the case for this particular place at this particular time. The challenge with starting these paintings has been how to deconstruct and separate information about the creek into small, more manageable pieces that I will then be able to rebuild to make the paintings, much like a layered jigsaw puzzle. I have decided to share some of the process.

The image below is of two of the water panels (2 & 3 to be exact). The first step was to paint each panel a golden yellow. Some of that color can be seen between some of the reds. Step 2 was to paint the basic composition in an underpainting of light, dark and midtones. These paintings, like the sky paintings, will also be gray, but these grays will be predominantly more warm gray in contrast to the cool grays of the sky paintings. To enhance that difference, I began the paintings with reds and gold.

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