Common Ground

Anti-Aesthetic Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

Dates: August 3 – October, 2020 

Address: 245 W 8th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

Hours: By appointment

Contact: Eugene Contemporary Art


Common Ground - Anti-Aesthetic - Leah Wilson

Attention-Devotion and Consider a Tree at Anti-Aesthetic Gallery, Eugene Contemporary Art, Eugene, Oregon, 2020

Eugene Contemporary Art is pleased to present Common Ground – a platform for a host of conversations and events alongside an exhibition with works by Eugene Contemporary Art artist members and invited artists. 

As a way of getting to ecology through art, Common Ground is a space for exchanges focused on the natural environment and environments of different kinds. Going beyond a divide between nature and culture, the work presented shifts ideas about what is natural, human, urban, or rural, by thinking through land, earth, territory and terrain. This work relates closely to the field as a concept both literally and figuratively: the field of inquiry and research, and the field as cultivated and open space.

The initial phase of this programming will be online, with the hopes of expanding to our physical art space ANTI-AESTHETIC in downtown Eugene once it is safe to do so.

Common Ground lives online here


Mika Aono

Jill Baker

Karin Bolendar

Michael Boonstra

Leah Wilson

Interview with Common Ground digital residency artist Karin Bolendar


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