HJA Residency Day 7

Walking Distance From Here

Walking Distance From Here

I stayed within walking distance of the HJA Headquarters and my apartment, hobbled by my sore legs from the hike yesterday. I am in a hate faze regarding gouache and am thinking that I may just be done with the stuff after I wrestle this painting to death. It feels near dead now. But not quite dead enough.

On my many sanity breaks from gouache I had the opportunity to check my immediate surrounds out in greater detail. Two of my favorite finds are another scientist ‘sculpture’ that has been sitting on the railing of my front porch and a beautiful spider line drawing above my front door (inside).

Rainbow's Spiders

My Rainbow apartment friends.


This photo of me was taken by Kathleen Turnley on her lunch break. I’m sitting on a log that spans Lookout Creek. The first day I came to the spot I was not able to walk across this log because I have major issues with walking across high logs that span creeks and rivers. Now I can walk across this one with panache, thanks to the need to cross it and others to get bark beetle gallery shots.


Curi­ous sci­en­tist ‘sculp­ture.’ Wood and wire.

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