Every now and then I come across another artist that is working in a similar vein as myself. Bartholomaus Traubeck has modified a turntable to play slices of wood. The tree rings provide the data that is processed by a programmed system used to create piano music. The system is the same for each tree slice, but each tree provides strikingly different results:

A tree’s year rings are analysed for their strength, thickness and rate of growth. This data serves as basis for a generative process that outputs piano music. It is mapped to a scale which is again defined by the overall appearance of the wood (ranging from dark to light and from strong texture to light texture). The foundation for the music is certainly found in the defined ruleset of programming and hardware setup, but the data acquired from every tree interprets this ruleset very differently.

This record features seven recordings from different Austrian trees. They were generated on the Years installation in Vienna, January 2012.

released 26 June 2013


More information, as well recordings of different trees, can be found on Bartholomaus Traubeck’s website.

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