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During my residency at HJ Andrews Experimental Forest in 2012 I became fascinated by intricate burrows in logs and snags with the bark stripped away. Bark beetles created the burrows, as if writing poetry for us to find, in a language that we have some vague recollection of once knowing, but have now forgotten.

Beetle Drawing I

Beetle Drawing I

Gouache on paper, 30 in. x 22 1/2 in.

Beetle Drawing II

Beetle Drawing II

Gouache on paper, 22 1/2 in. x 30 in.

Work-In-Progress for Beetle Drawings

Beetle Drawings

Gouache During the residency at H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest I worked on one gouache painting. The last time I used gouache was about 20 years ago. I don't have fond memories of the medium. Recently, something in the deep recesses of my memory nagged me to try it...

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HJA Residency Day 8: Split Tree

Split Tree Split Tree There is a tree in the forest that is straddling a very slow landslide. Every year the land slides a few more inches and the tree splits a little bit more. One day the tree will rip in two. I have been thinking of that...

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HJA Residency day 8: thoughts on gouache

Thoughts on Gouache Aaaargh, Gouache! Thoughts on Gouache This morning is my last studio session for this stint of the residency. Although I am not satisfied with the result of working this painting/sketch for 8 mornings, I am satisfied with...

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HJA Residency Day 7: walking distance from here

Walking Distance From Here Walking Distance From Here I stayed within walking distance of the HJA Headquarters and my apartment, hobbled by my sore legs from the hike yesterday. I am in a hate faze regarding gouache and am thinking that I...

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HJA Residency Day 6: Old Growth

Old Growth Old Growth Today was intended as my just-past-halfway walk in the woods, sort of a day of rest. It was anything but restful. I headed to the Old Growth trail, a 3.5 mile one way trail that starts near a point on lookout creek,...

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HJA Residency Day 5

Routine Day 5. I've made some progress on the bark beetle drawing, but avoided the background. The sudden bolt of insight to tell me what to do with it sadly has not occurred. Routine The routine is wake up around 6 AM, eat breakfast and...

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HJA Residency Day 4: Rodent People

Rodent People Wrestling with gouache. The lines are becoming more defined. As I work on them I've been thinking that the background will need to be pushed back so it doesn't compete. But I'm getting ahead of myself Rodent People Here’s...

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HJ Andrews Residency Day 3: work in progress

Work In Progress Beetle Drawing Day 3 Work in Progress The struggle with gouache has begun. The darker thick lines 3/4 of the way up the painting is part of a 'drawing' that an insect made in wood in the creek. In the afternoon I went to...

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HJ Andrews Residency Day 3: Spine

Spine In progress - an under painting using watercolor and ink Spine Since I've been here in the forest, I've been thinking about the spine of the project, as choreographer Twyla Tharp calls it. The spine is usually more for me to know than...

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