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When donating, please designate that you would like your donation to fund Leah Wilson – Distillations of Place HJ Andrews Experimental Forest project. Thank you.

In October 2012 I was an artist in residence at HJ Andrews Experimental Forest in Blue River, Oregon. Beginning with the Average Colors of the South Yuba River: a mathematical determination of an aesthetic value project in 2007, I have completed several year-long projects that track changes in the environment over time. Now I have made the decision to adopt HJ Andrews Experimental Forest as a life-long project of investigation.

With this project I am exploring concepts of what it is to intimately know a place. How long does it take to develop a ‘sense of place’ with a particular landscape? What is the value of developing such a relationship with a particular place? What is the relationship between scientific knowledge of ecology and personal connection?

For more information on the Distillations of Place: HJ Andrews Experimental Forest project, please visit often and consider making a donation to support this project. Thank you.

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Lane Arts Council

Lane Arts Council is proud to serve as the fiscal sponsor for Leah Wilson’s Distillations of Place: HJ Andrews Experimental Forest project and will include your donation in its support of this project. As required by law and accounting practices, Lane Arts Council retains full discretion and control over the use of these funds. This includes the right to redirect funds to a different beneficiary who can complete this project if for some reason Leah Wilson cannot. For more information, please contact Lane Arts Council at [email protected] or 541-485-2278.

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