Gray Space Specs

Gray Space

I’m involved with a new collaborative project entitled Gray Space.

Gray Space is a collaborative endeavor that explores the idea of site/context. Eight artists will separately install and document the placement of a micro/mobile-gallery called Gray Space in site-specific and potentially unsuspecting or unknown locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Each of the participating artists will select a location for Gray Space and will install a contextually specific work of art inside. Gray Space will activate public space and point to context as being inherent to the idea of perception and exchange. While on site, the mobile gallery will become a threshold that intentionally engages audience and  place without the confines and expectations of a gallery or art center. Gray Space creates a space of inclusion, potential, and dialogue.

Ultimately, Gray Space will consist of three components: 1. Installation: part/s or all of the 6’ x6’ x6′ gallery Gray Space; 2. Images: eight photographic images documenting Gray Space in the eight different sites, and 3. Installation: eight objects or ephemera (ranging in scale) created by the participating artists for Gray Space.

You can follow my Gray Space work-in-progress.

Image: Gray Space Specs, Kate Ali

Gray Space Artists

Kate Ali

Michael Boonstra

Kathleen Caprario

Renee Couture

Lee Imonen

Sandee McGee

Andrew Myers

Leah Wilson

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