HJA Day 2013As Dana Warren passed us palm-sized convex, gridded mirrors, he told us that, as an aquatic ecosystems field researcher, he rarely looks up. Using this tool, a densiometer, to observe the sky, he still doesn’t need to look up. He can continue looking down as he typically does. With that admission my Sky/Water paintings felt more meaningful to me. I started the paintings with trepidation, thinking I was working with a simplistic concept that I feared may be too basic to explore. After holding a densiometer in my hand to look down to see the sky, I realized that I had addressed a frequent problem not only for aquatic ecologists, but for all of us: We frequently only look in the direction that we feel most drawn or comfortable. When we do this we miss a large part of the story. Looking up now and then can be a worthwhile experience full of unanticipated significance.

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