Fall Equinox

Solstices/Equinoxes Project

Photo Shoot

Fall Equinox

September, 2015

This photo shoot at Watershed 2 concluded a year’s worth of solstices and equinoxes at this site.  Tim and I arrived before sunrise, as usual and set up our base camp and my camera in silence. We had the routine down. Then we settled in to the day’s routine of capturing an image of the white rock in the little scientist-made pool at the gauging station every 10 minutes. In all, I recorded the chromatic changes in the creek 74 times. The weather report gave us a nearby reading of a high of about 80 degrees for the day. It never reached even close to that in the steep canyon of Watershed 2. To look at the way I was dressed you would think that we were in subzero temperatures. It was very damp from the recent rains and the moisture in the air stuck to everything: my camera lens, coat, and permeated our bag of chips rendering them soggy. This, no doubt, contributed to the cold ambient temperature. We unceremoniously left the site after sunset exhausted. After being there from sunrise to sunset at the change of every season be both felt wistful that this part of the project is done. We’ve grown attached to this little creek in a patch of old growth forest, and even the white rock that we introduce into the scene,

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