Work In Progress: ROT

August 15, 2015

Work In Progress: ROT

August 15, 2015

Typically, I’m not too keen on documenting my work in progress. Exposing the awkwardness of  developing piece is something I avoid, usually to protect the uneven growth of the work. I need to provide space for it to safely fail, to have the freedom to hit a dead end and make a U-turn. Already this piece has hit many dead ends. Many iterations died before anything was ever manifested.

But, I make an exception for the ROT exhibition at the Art Center in Corvallis. I agreed to blog about it. Waiting until everything is complete and ready to present to the public makes for a sparse blog.

Initially I was hesitant to take on this project. I already have a large-scale project in progress in my studio and I’m eager to complete the first piece. I resisted Rot because 1) I didn’t want to take time away from that project; and 2) I couldn’t figure out how I would fit this in to what I am already doing. Trying to fit it in resulted in frustrating dead-ends.

Once I let go of trying to make it conform to the logic of my other project things started to happen. Now I’m grateful for the opportunity to do something completely different. It’s allowed me to enter the play mode of creativity in an intense way.

The process of working on Rot is unfamiliar to me. The materials I am working with make me feel awkward. I’m learning  as I go because I can’t plan ahead when I don’t know where the immediate step will lead. It’s also made documenting my progress more fun. I have no idea if we will be witnessing an epic fail together, or the making of something that works.

This is the base layer pinned to styrofoam covered with foil. The foil is arbitrary – it came that way from the hardware store. Please ignore the shiny silver as best you can. At this point, there are a bunch of tiny little pieces that I need to keep track of and pinning them down like they are a middle school insect collection project for a science class works well for now.


Image below:

Paper & Map Pins

17 1/2 in. x 70 in.

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