Kimberly Brooks Tedx talk started to get much more interesting once she added the importance of silence to her 8 stages of the creative process. In out plugged-in world, silence is becoming much more rare until we may begin to forget its importance altogether.
Kimberly’s creative process progression looks something like this:

  1. Silence: (I love this one, especially because of this plugged in world we live in)
  2. Vision: When that amazing idea hits you in a flash
  3. Hope: Swooning over that idea as it bumps around in your head
  4. Diving In: This is that critical stage for creative people. You have to dive in to develop that idea. Some people never get there for many reasons, one of them being fear.
    looks something like this:

    (The next four are cyclical and don’t happen in any particular order)

  5. Excitement
  6. Doubt: (fear that this is the most stupid idea in the world, I’m not good enough for this idea…etc. etc.)
  7. Clarity: That fog of doubt has cleared!
  8. Obsession: When you can work for hours on end and not get tired (Wheee! Super Artist!)

    Coming out of this cycle you reach…

  9. Resolution: Now it’s finished and time for…
  10. The Artist as Exhibitionist: aka more fear.

But it’s better to just hear her tell you:

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What does your creative process look like?

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