Work In Progress: ROT Layer 2

August 29, 2015

Work In Progress: ROT

Layer 2

August 29, 2015

I’ve reached the stage where I feel that this project is too insane. My hands and back hurt hurt and the process seems to be an endless tedious Sisyphean task that will produce nothing but a piece of crap. Oh, yes, I’m familiar with this part of the creative process. The only thing to do at this stage is to keep on going. It will evolve into something new tomorrow, next week or next month.

Image below:

Layer 2

Gouache on Paper

17 1/2 in. x 70 in.

The map pins are gone. I couldn’t glue the next layer to the base layer while the pins were in place. The entire piece is now secured with removable glue to the shiny foam board. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will remain removable, but not until I want it to be removed.


Progression of the Work in Progress


Rot: The Afterlife of Trees

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